ZYWNP’s visit to Mutoko Rural District Council

Zimbabwe Young Women’s Network for Peacebuilding (ZYWNP) submitted a letter of request to the District Land officer (DLO) in Mutoko Mr Njodzi on the 12th of July 2017 at 11:00 hrs. This was following failure to get a response  from the Ministry of Lands, Land reform and Resettlement provincial offices in Marondera. Mr Tsimba the Chief executive officer at Ministry of Lands, Land reform and Resettlement Provincial offices in Marondera suggested that ZYWNP to go back to Mutoko District land office to get the information that they required.

When ZYWNP arrived at the District land office they thought they were not going to see the District Land Officer as he was not picking up his phone. However, upon arrival, Mr Njodzi was welcoming and conversant.  The two program officers from ZYWNP introduced themselves and shared a short background as to why they had come to see Mr Njodzi. Much of the information had been shared with Mr Njodzi over the phone the previous day by ZYWNP programs officer who had notified him of the intended visit to his office to submit a letter of information request as part of the Access to information campaign that ZYWNP is part of.

After receiving the letter Mr Njodzi read through it and immediately shared some information to help ZYWNP in their request for information from the Ministry of Lands, Land reform and Resettlement. The DLO stamped the two copies of the letter for information request as an acknowledgement of receipt.

Mr Njodzi confirmed what Mr Tsimba the Chief executive officer at Marondera Ministry of Lands, Land reform and Resettlement had said. In Mutoko District, the resettlements are under an old scheme, and there are currently no A2 farms. He further stated that the District land office is in the process of converting some of the A1 self-contained farms in the District to A2 farms so that they can get offer letters from the Minister of lands. The self- contained A1 farms have temporary permits and pay $5 per hectare per annum ($3 land tax and $2 unit tax/development levies).

He said at first these areas only had villages or homesteads while the pastures were shared communally (referred to as communal grazing land). However with the moving in of squatters, the RDC was forced to convert the homesteads into A1 self-contained farms.

ZYWNP left Mr Njodzi’s office at 11:30 hrs. It is our view that the authorities opened up more than expected and even proposed solutions and gave suggestions.





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