Chitungwiza residents summon ZETDC

The Chitungwiza Resident`s Trust (Chitrest) on behalf of the community has summoned the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) and the Minister of Energy and Power Development for an urgent face to face meeting to address issues regarding the electricity distribution in Chitungwiza.

ZETDC is a subsidiary of ZESA Holdings; it is responsible for the transmission of electricity from power stations, the distribution of electricity as well as its retailing to end users.

According to a letter written to the members of the ZETDC and the Minister of Energy and Power Development by the Chitrest director Mr Marvellous Kumalo, envisaged that a considerable number of rate payers and residents have been deprived access to electricity.

“Chitungwiza residents have been deprived the priviledge to access electricity due to the twenty-three (23) non-functioning transformers from October 2016 to date, delayed repairs or replacement of faulty transformers. This has also rendered costs leading to the use of alternative sources of energy like gas and thermal power and it is beyond the reach of many citizens.

“According to the application form the delayed attendance to applications for connection by prospective customers should take a maximum of thirty (30) days upon payment, however for Chitungwiza it’s a different case as it has taken two to four years without connection after payment,” reads part of the letter.

The letter noted that delays by ZETDC which are against its policy of an immediate response, “An 11KVA line parallel to CitiMed hospital which had collapsed took three months to be attended.”

The residents of Chitungwiza are now leaving in distress due to the increasing incidents of deaths and injuries due to electrical related issues, “A Zengeza 5 woman with her baby who was wrapped at her back were electrocuted to death, a Zengeza 2 grade 7 pupil was electrocuted to death, IN Unit B a three year old baby was severely burnt at an open pillar box and a ZETDC technician is battling for his life after he was badly burnt at Guzha Business Centre.

Some of the key areas noted in the letter included the corrupt and incompetent manner some ZETDC senior staff conduct themselves which is alarming this included, the non-adherence to the connection waiting list.

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