Chitungwiza residents meet municipality commission

Chitungwiza residents yesterday met the municipality’s commission in
the Council chambers. This was after the Chitungwiza Residents Trust
(Chitrest) requested to meet the commission currently administering
the affairs of the town after the suspension from office of the Mayor
and councillors on 27 April 2017 by the Ministry of Local Government,
Public Works and National Housing and the subsequent appointment of a
three-member commission led by Mr Madzudzo Pawadyira. The scope of the
meeting was for the residents to understand the role of the commission
in relation to the state of service delivery in the town.

The meeting was attended by the three commissioners including the
chairperson Mr Pawadyira, Mr Mabhiza and the district administrator
(DA) for Chitungwiza and also commission member Ms Zivai Chisango. The
municipality’s management was represented in the meeting by the
chamber secretary Ms. Maunga, directors and managers from the the
following departments; Engineering (Engineer Maxwell Karenyi), Finance
(Ms. Evangelista Machona), Housing (Ms. Sithole), Planning (Mr. Conrad
Muchesa) Human Resources (Ms. Mary Mukonyora), Public Relations (Mr.
Aaron Mhonyera), Security (Mr. Mvere) and Health (Mr. Chiroodza).

The representatives from Chitrest raised a number of service delivery
related challenges ranging from water supply, refuse collection and
solid waste management, sewer reticulation, land and housing, informal
settlements, forced evictions and house demolitions, the road network,
healthcare provision system, billing, labour force and skills as well
as the lack of accountability and transparency at the Town House. The
residents also asked to access the terms of reference for the
commission so as to determine the parameters of engagement among other
issues of concern.

The commission chair and the municipality’s management responded to
some of the issues raised by the residents in the meeting. The
residents were promised to be given a copy of the terms of reference
for the commission. The municipality also assured that it was working
on modalities around ring fencing the water account so that it
strictly caters for water delivery matters. The municipality briefed
the stakeholders meeting that it was in the process of naming all
roads in the town, considering its organogram and carrying out a human
resources and skills audit. A pledge was made to give Chitrest
feedback on the status of the Nyatsime housing project in due course.

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