Mutoko Community Share ownership Trust backs off on commitment

Residents in Mutoko Ward 9 have increased household levies in order to complete the roofing of Early Childhood Development (ECD) block, following the failure of the Mutoko Community Share Ownership Trust to honour its commitment to assist the community last year.

Mutoko Community Share Ownership Trust, Chief Executive Officer, Peter Sigauke on 2 December 2016, made a commitment on behalf of the Trust to disburse two thousand dollars (US$2000.00) towards the roofing of the Musanhi Primary School ECD block in a community meeting convened by the Zimbabwe Young Women’s Network for Peacebuilding (ZYWNP). The meeting was held as part of the ZYWNP’s campaign to increase the accountability and transparency of public institutions that serve the communities that work with its stakeholders.

The organisation had sought information on the criteria for the selection of projects by the Trust board. This information request was prompted by the failure of a community initiative by women to complete a classroom block to accommodate their younger children at the local school. Two years later, the ECD block stands unroofed and the children have continued to attend classes outside exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Ward Councillor, Kennias Katsiga, who attended the meeting said that the trust board owed the community an explanation on the status of the commitment that was made publicly.

‘In the spirit of openness and transparency, the CEO should explain the challenges they are facing in disbursing the funds and if need be, publicly withdraw the commitment in the same manner that he made it so that the community is clear on the official position,’ he said.

In the meantime, the 1500 households have been encouraged to pay the development levies of $5.00 per household with the hope that the development levies would realise a plough back of 25% that would be channeled to the roofing of the block.

ZYWNP will be engaging the Trust, as a follow-up on the issue.

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