Gweru residents step up in keeping city clean

By Clive Makumbe

EQUIPPED with bags, gloves, masks, hoes and having a strong sense of purpose, 12 men and women got down to work, cleaning the streets of Mkoba 3 as part of the safe cities campaign that promotes a clean environment for residents.

Ward 11 residents committee took time out of their busy schedules to clear rubbish and raise awareness. 

Moses Chikwadzi said: “Every piece of trash that is on the ground in our community should be picked up, recycled and deposited in a landfill. Clean-ups should be a habit inorder to create safe cities”.

“Along with my other peers, I’m posting daily on ourWhatAppgroup, and I’m using my profile to share tips to help people improve the general cleanliness during this time.”   

“From my time attending GCC (Gweru City Council) workshops with councillors and council management officials, I now have a strong network that I can reach out to for these initiatives. GCC’s campaigns and advocacy meetings have educated and taught us as residents to take a leading role in improving service delivery.”

Hutano Hupenyu, a cleaning group that organises regular clean-ups, got more than 50 people together to pick up rubbish in Ascot Infill.

Hutano Hupenyu group at one of the clean-ups at Ascot Infill

Gweru City Council director for Health Services, Samson Sekenhamo, said council was engaging residents to assist in clean-up exercises as part of the national vision to create clean environments.

He said involving residents in council projects not only empowered the community, but also helped to save money.

“We are working on modalities to engage community members in cleaning the environment,” he said.

“It is our feeling as council that supporting community clean-up programmes is cheaper given our dire financial position.”

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