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Cervical cancer a nemesis to women

Despite the fact that cancer of the cervix is preventable, it is the commonest cause of death in women in Africa.

Health experts say in many parts of the continent, cervical cancers are not identified or treated until advanced stages due to insufficient access to reproductive health care services, effective screening and early treatment.

STIs on the increase in Chirundu

The Chirundu Border Post, Source: Newsday Zimbabwe

The prevalence and incidence of HIV and sexually-transmitted infections (STI) among workers and long-distance truck drivers in Chirundu is on the increase, with a local health centre attending to over six cases a week.

WASN Community dialogue meeting

Women and AIDS Support Network (WASN) held a community dialogue on the 12 of July 2017 on access to information at WASN’s offices in Eastlea Harare. The objectives of this community dialogue were to ensure that women and girls have access to information on Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIAC) services and to assess the levels of information dissemination offered at clinics and hospitals.

WASN Breakfast meeting and Wilkins Hospital visit

As WASN is part of the ATI campaign being spearheaded by MISA, letters were written to the Director of City Health to enable WASN staff interview health personnel at Wilkins Hopital on the uptake of VIAC by women and girls, on 22 June, 2017. After the approval WASN had an opportunity to interview the Sister in Charge of VIAC services. Below are the officers who were present and what transpired thereafter.