Why do antibodies fade after a COVID-19 infection, and will the same thing happen with vaccines?

Maintaining antibodies in the blood requires creating certain long-lasting immune cells – but this doesn’t always happen. by Steven Smith The goal of the COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out worldwide is to stimulate our immune systems into creating a protective response against the coronavirus, particularly by generating antibodies. These antibodies then circulate in our blood until needed […]

African countries have an advantage in rolling out Covid-19 vaccines

Concerns have been raised that African countries may struggle to effectively deploy Covid-19 vaccines at the unprecedented scale needed to counter the coronavirus pandemic. Yet Africa is one of the most experienced regions in the world in dealing with disease outbreaks. It has successfully carried out several, sudden large-scale vaccine introductions and vaccinations in crowded […]


What is the ACT-Accelerator? The Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator is the world’s most comprehensive end-to-end solution to ending the acute phase of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. It brings together governments, health organizations, scientists, businesses, civil society, and philanthropists to accelerate the development, production, and equitable access to COVID-19 tests, treatments, and vaccines. The ACT Accelerator […]

Covid: WHO scheme Covax delivers first vaccines

Ghana has become the first country to receive coronavirus vaccines through the Covax vaccine-sharing initiative. The World Health Organization (WHO) programme aims to ensure that vaccines are shared fairly among all nations. Covax is aiming to deliver about two billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines globally by the end of the year. Many rich nations, who […]

Why having COVID-19 data on men and women is critical

Speed read COVID-19 deaths differ among men and women but the differences are not reported A project is building sex-aggregated data on COVID-19 globally Such data is key to developing effective solutions to fight COVID-19 By: Siki Kigongo Reporting COVID-19 data for both men and women is key to developing an effective response, argues Siki Kigongo. […]

Vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 will have side effects – that’s a good thing

The side effects of new SARS-CoV-2 vaccines are a result of immune system activation. While uncomfortable, they are both normal and expected. They are a sign that the vaccine is working. by Matthew Woodruff Takeaways Temporary side effects from vaccines are a normal sign of a developing immune response. Vaccines work by training your immune […]

What are COVID-19 challenge trials and why do we need them?

A new trial about to start in the UK will deliberately infect people with the virus that causes COVID-19 – if we have vaccines already, why do we need this? by Priya Joi WHAT ARE CHALLENGE TRIALS? Clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines involve randomly dividing participants into two groups and giving one group the experimental vaccine, and […]

Could a universal coronavirus vaccine future-proof our response?

With three major coronavirus outbreaks in the last two decades – first SARS-CoV, then MERS-CoV, and now SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 – another outbreak is inevitable. Scientists are calling for the world to step up the search for a universal coronavirus vaccine. by Priya Joi Although the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise, with many still […]