About Us


About The Campaign

The Access to Information Zimbabwe- Right to Know Key to Life Campaign is a multi-stakeholder campaign that was officially launched on the 4th of March 2016. The campaign is centered on the constitutionally guaranteed right to information and on the regional and international recognition of this right in instruments such as the African Charter on Human and People’s rights and the Declaration of principles of freedom of expression in Africa. The campaign seeks to engage in various advocacy efforts aimed at encouraging a culture of openness, transparency and free flow and access to information that is relevant to the day to day lives of Zimbabwean people.

At the same time, we are actively involved in raising public awareness and public discourse on the right to information and on the existing policy, legal and practical gaps affecting free flow of information in Zimbabwe. We also focus on highlighting how the inherent gaps affect people’s day to day life and ultimately affect the growth and development of Zimbabwe in many aspects. Our campaign is open to all stakeholders and Zimbabweans with an interest in the promotion and enjoyment of the right to information in Zimbabwe and of openness and transparency in all sectors of Zimbabwean life.

Thus far the campaign is coordinated by MISA-Zimbabwe together with a steering committee nominated from different thematic sectors. It is also made up of ten thematic clusters under which campaign activities are implemented as follows;

  • Children and Youth, Disability, Health, Gender, Environment and natural resources,
  • Business, Governance and democracy, Arts, Culture & Religion, Media



An informed society in which the right to information is fully leveraged for the benefit, development, and growth of all Zimbabweans.


To engender the enjoyment of the right to information, transparency, openness and accountability through;

  • Collective and coordinated lobby and advocacy for access to and free flow of information.
  • Targeted research, monitoring and publicity of related trends.
  • Raising public and stakeholder awareness of the right to information.
  • Publicizing the gaps and challenges faced in the quest for information, openness and transparency in Zimbabwe’s socio, economic and political landscape.
  • Collaborations with like-minded people and organisations locally and internationally.


Thematic Clusters

The right to information is a cross-cutting right that has the potential to facilitate the enjoyment of other rights. As observed in section 194(h0 of the Zimbabwean constitution, the right among many other virtues, is key in promoting public accountability and the extent to which fundamental rights of persons can be enjoyed is limited if not impossible in the absence of information.

As such, free flow and access to information is a central component in any society and Zimbabwe is no exception. It is with this understanding that our campaign is multi-stakeholder in scope and composed of different thematic clusters as a means of mainstreaming the right and locating its role in each sector of the Zimbabwean society. The thematic clusters here under thus showcase sector-specific information and activities including access to information initiatives, challenges, upcoming activities and feedback from the public.