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Ministry of Health and Child Care

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responsible for health in Zimbabwe.

12 Requests
  • "Patsaka Trust "

    A letter requesting information was sent to Kariba District Hospital by a local CBO, Patsaka Trust. The organisation particularly required information relating to measures being taken to alleviate the shortage of medicines and personnel at the hospital and others in the area

    • "Patsaka Trust"

      There was no response to this request.

  • "MISA"

    An online request was sent by MISA using a pseudo name asking what method the ministry would be using to determine the 15000 households that were to take part in the HIV survey announced by the ministry.

    • "MISA"

      The Ministry did not respond


    A request was made by the Chitungwiza Residents Trust (CHITREST), to the Ministry’s permanent secretary for clarifications and information relating to the Ministry’s policy position on privatisation of public health institutions. This was in relation to the alleged privatisation of Chitungwiza Central Hospital.

    • "CHITREST"

      There was no response.

  • "ATI"

    What measures the ministry was taking to secure adequate ARVs for children

    • ""

      There was no response

  • "lnerela"

    An information request was sent by a local organisation, Inerela, to the Ministry’s Masvingo provincial offices. The request was for information and clarification on the Ministry’s budget allocation for health services in Masvingo and on allegations that some contraceptives being used are causing health defects, among other clarifications sought

    • "lnerela"

      The information request was eventually honoured twenty one (21) days later save for the question on the budget about which the requester was referred to the ministry’s permanent secretary

  • "ATI"

    The Ministry was asked whether or not reports that the HIV and AIDS regimen started at the beginning of the year by the Ministry was giving patients adverse side effects were true and if so, what measures the Ministry is taking to assist those affected?

    • "ATI"

      The requester was informed to liaise with their pharmacy and HIV & AIDS directorate for the requested information.

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4th Floor, Kaguvi Building Central Avenue (Between 4 th and 5 th Street) Harare Zimbabwe

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