We envisage an informed society in which the right to information is fully leveraged for the benefit, development, and growth of all Zimbabweans.

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We, community based organizations, national civil society organizations and media representatives, having deliberated among ourselves and having engaged with official representatives from government and the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission,

Remaining informed and motivated by all Zimbabweans collective right to access information as outlined in Section 62 of the constitution of our republic.

Hereby resolve the following in relation to our advocacy work on all Zimbabweans right to access information,

  • That the right to access information must be proactively at the heart and center of all government departments and state owned enterprises at national, provincial, district, ward and village levels in order for the realization of national development, democratic governance and social and economic justice.
  • To establish an access to information campaign coalition that actively coordinates various stakeholders in pursuit of furthering the right of all Zimbabweans to access information in the best democratic public interest.
  • To speak and act collectively on access to information on issues of national public interest which relate to democracy, human rights and social and economic justice.
  • To ensure that all our ATI campaigns are gender and youth sensitive and actively promote gender equality and gender mainstreamed access to information.
  • To continually engage the government of Zimbabwe, specifically the Ministries of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services and the Ministry of Postal, Courier Services and ITCs, the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Home Affairs, the Parliament of Zimbabwe on the need for the realignment of laws and policies that impact on access to information, with the obtaining constitution of Zimbabwe.
  • To engage and actively lobby the Ministry of Local Government, all urban and rural district councils, traditional and community leaders on the democratic importance of access to information.
  • To engage and actively lobby specifically, the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, the Zimbabwe Media Commission, the Zimbabwe Gender Commission and all other independent commissions, on the democratic importance of access to information.


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